Our Story:

It All Started With a Map

Can you imagine having to map every bathroom between your home and your office or your office and your child's school? This is exactly what one mom we met had to do given the unpredictability of her digestive issues. Hearing her story and so many others about the disruption digestive issues were causing in the lives of our friends compelled us to act.

The issue was clear: 80 million people—one third of the U.S. adult population—is living with digestive discomfort. As a small team within a big company, we had the opportunity to use Nestlé Health Science's resources to deliver on the mission of enhancing people's lives through nutritional solutions to help those with digestive sensitivities.

Emerging Clinical Evidence
Provided a Starting Point

Specific types of carbohydrates called FODMAPs can have a direct link with some people's gastrointestinal symptoms. We focused on creating a nutritional option that avoided FODMAPs and delivered on taste.

ProNourish® Drink was carefully formulated with an advisory board of expert GI dietitians, physicians and scientists and based on feedback from Monash University—the creators of the Low FODMAP diet. The end result was a delicious, complete nutritional drink that is Low FODMAP diet compliant.


This is Just The Beginning

Rick, Barb and the rest of the team are deeply committed to increasing support for the millions impacted by digestive troubles. And they hope that more and more people will discover how ProNourish® products can help provide peace of mind and support finding digestive balance.

Real Consumer,
Real ProNourish® Story

When her counselor suggested the Low FODMAP diet to curb her digestive sensitivities, MJ wasn't sure where to start. She needed a breakfast snack that fit into her busy schedule as a working mom. That's where ProNourish® Drink came in.